• Venezia, prima metà del XVIII secolo
    COPPIA DI CASSAPANCHE Legno di abete parzialmente rivestito di corame inciso e in parte policromato.   Questa rara coppia di cassapanche veneziane, dall’inconsueto rivestimento in corame
  • Marche, mid-18th century
    PAIR OF CHESTS Sculpted wood with polychrome decoration.   This pair of chests comes from Villa Pianetti di Sant’Ubaldo, at Monsano near Jesi, in the Marche
  • Eastern Lombardy, second half of 16th century
    WEDDING CHEST Walnut wood.   The front of the chest is organized in five compartments. The central one features a shield with scrolls; it is superimposed
  • Central Italy, 18th century
    CHEST WITH BACKREST Wood, carved and with polychrome decoration.   The backrest and base are elegantly shaped and decorated with phytomorphic motifs and shell valves. Two
  • Florence, end of the 15th century
    NUPTIAL CHEST Wood decorated with gilded pastework relief and polychrome. The design that decorates the front of this piece is composed of three scenes in bas-relief