Gdansk, 1640 – Florence, 1696

Galopping cavalry squadron

oil on canvas, cm 31×62


The small painting, that features a galloping cavalry squadron, is the work of the battle specialist Pandolfo Reschi, who worked in Florence for the Medici family and some of the most important families of the city. Some of the recurrent motifs of his works comprise the diagonal cut, the figure of the horseman seen from behind with the ‘Borgognona-style’ feathered hat, the palette with the warm shades of brown, red and ochre and the varying pictorial rendition, that from being lucid and analytical in the foreground, tends to become more synthetic and fluid, and approximate towards the horizon.

Maria Cecilia Fabbri, author of a study on this painting, places our battle “to the beginning of the period the artists spent in Florence, or in other words in the early Seventies of the Seicento”.