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Tornabuoni Arte

Naples 1799-1874
oil on canvas
cm 185x290

Since he was young Salvatore Fergola, a pupil of his father Luigi, who was a successful painter, could rely on the protection of the Royal House of Bourbon, who commissioned him several works. Salaried by the Court, Fergola joined the royals on their many travels to different residences. He specialized in landscape and seascape paintings. In 1827 he was appointed Honorary Professor of the Royal Institute of Fine Arts. Among the protagonists of the School of Posipillo, which had its leading representatives in Giacinto Gigante and the Dutch Anton Sminck van Pitloo, Fergola depicted seascapes and shipwrecks in many of his paintings. The artist chose these themes repeatedly, especially after 1843, when he successfully exhibited the great Naufragio di quattro marinai (=shipwreck of four sailors), inspired by a true story. This painting was immediately purchased by the Bourbon family and is now preserved at the Royal Palace of Naples. The painting hereby displayed once belonged to the collection of Professor Fausto Nicolini (1879-1965), a leading scholar and historian from Naples. This prestigious provenance is proven by a card of the Royal Superintendence of Neapolitan Galleries, which specifies “artist” and “measures” of the work (“Deposito per la tutela dai rischi di guerra, 1940, XVIII”, number 030”).

Tornabuoni Arte